Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vamos a Barcelona!

Hola amigos!   I got back from visiting Barcelona this weekend and it was a really great trip.. especially because NO ONE GOT PICKPOCKETED!!!  Woohoo!  First time visiting another country and having everyone return with their wallets, so that was a big success. Major paranoia pays off!   I went with Jo, Betsy and Laiken (Bacon and Letsy as I often accidently say) and we got there pretty late on Friday, around 10pm probably.  But it was grand cause Spain/Barcelona people are such night owls! We checked into our hostel and found a tapas place for dinner that was still open by the time we got ready and went out, which was around midnight. We all got three small plates of food - I got nachos and guacamole, a potato casserole/cake thing, and then teriyaki chicken - it was pretty good!  Then we set out to find the bar crawl that our hostel was hosting.. Their first stop was a bar called Grand Foc, which means Great Fire but got us some raised eyebrows and laughs when we asked people where the Grand Foc was.  
When we got to the bar there were a ton of people there - turns out there are 3 Sant Jordi hostels in Barcelona so all three met up together to do this bar crawl, which meant there were a ton of people my age there! It was really fun. We met guys who were walking around Europe from Denmark, Australians who were traveling for 7 months, people from Scotland, Ireland, England, the US, and a bunch of other places I can't remember! We all were happy to go out and everyone was super friendly and excited to meet eachother and find out why they were backpacking/studying abroad/traveling or whatever. Two Australian guys were wearing tiger costumes (never found out why haha) but they were obviously the most easy to pick out of the crowd so they led the whole hostel group (probably about 50 of us!) from Grand Foc to our next spot, Soventa, a nightclub that was on the beach!! At one point the Tigers decided they needed a dance move to lead the group with, so naturally I had to teach them mine and Lindsey's (down down up up around around) and they loved it! So Lindsey, our dance move is officially international!! Everyone in the group was dancing their way to the club and I became known as the dance teacher, it was hilarious. The rest of the night was fun, we danced our little hearts out and then went out the back door of the club and onto the beach where we splashed in the ocean and yelled about how cool our lives are that we're on a beach in Spain at 3am haha. Never saw the Tigers again unfortunately but we got some good pictures!


The next day we walked around Las Ramblas and bought souvenirs then went on a free walking tour of the Gothic area of Barcelona and saw a lot of places Gaudi designed.. the architecture was really pretty!  Our tour guide was nice, she was from Australia but has lived in Barcelona off and on for the last 4 years.  We also met two Americans on our tour who met on and had been dating for awhile now, and they just decided to quit their jobs and move to Australia so they were traveling all around Europe on their way to their new home.  How cool is that?? They were really nice, we had lunch with them after the tour.
Later that day we went to La Sagrada Familia but it was closing so we couldn't go inside unfortunately. So I'll be google imaging pictures of that later haha.  Then we took a little siesta in the hostel after walking around all day and went out again later that night with the hostels again.  Since the Tigers weren't there, I felt I had no choice but to continue the dancing alone hahaha so I led the group this time.  The two men leading the bar crawl were so funny, they were dancing with me the whole time too.   One's name was Hernan, but when we first met him he told us to meet on Roger Street, but his accent was so thick we thought his name was Roger, so we called him Roger all night  and he thought it was a riot. We didn't find out his real name til we were halfway to the club we were all going to. 
The next morning we woke up ridiculously early and went to Park Guell, which was beautiful, but we were so tired we were pretty much delirious throughout the whole tour. We kept taking ridiculous pictures and had a serious case of the Sleepy Hahas because we were so tired.  That was the last thing we did in Barcelona then we made our way back to our beloved Galway.
I was so glad I got to go to Barcelona - it was a much different trip than my trip to Paris.  In Paris we did a lot more tours and didn't really go out at night, so it was really cool to go out late and see the club life and the beach since obviously we have nothing like that in Galway. 
Mom, Keith, Adam, Joey and Sandy are coming next week!  So that should be great.  I'm ready to go out to a few nice restaurants again, hehe! :)

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  1. HA. This is hilarious effing hilarious, I love the way you write. Love you and miss you darling!